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Episode 8: Tell Me a Bedtime Story, Stephen Fry

Good evening everyone! Jess here! This week, I feel like we got a little more serious. We tried no TV for a whole week- which was SO. HARD. Like, SO MUCH HARDER THAN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. I guess I never realized how much I watch TV- and the thing is, not even really watch. I just constantly have it on in the background while I do other activities. It’s ridiculous. It was fun, or at least interesting to try to find things to occupy our time. Georgie found that app to help you fall asleep, called “Calm” – which seems like a great way to fall asleep! The little bit I heard of it sounded very calming! And then we talked about Social Media. Which had a surprising mix of good and bad results. It’s so funny that social media is something that is in all of our lives, all day, every day. And it sure does have its good qualities. Like connecting to friends and family and increasing communication skills. And the positive that I loved the most was how it seems to be helping extend the lives of the elderly because they are able to stay connected to family! Who would’ve thought it!?!?! Of course, there are also negative things that come with social media. It can cause depression, jealousy, and FOMO (fear of missing out). The hard part for all of us is to remember that no one has it all together- no matter what their social media might suggest. I would like to challenge everyone with trying to live an authentic life- Don’t try to pretend to have it all together! No one does, and honestly, it’s fun trying to figure it all out! Anyway, sorry for getting so serious there for a second. I realize this isn’t like any of our previous blog posts… here’s a photo of a cat to make it a little better!


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