• Georgie & Jessica

Episode 7: sksksksksksksk

GUYS. IT'S GEORGIE. AND I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING THE YOUTHS SAY ANYMORE. It's honestly overwhelming trying to stay up to date with what is considered "cool" nowadays. Seriously... sksksksksk - WTF IS THAT?! In case you're wondering it means that you're laughing... so basically the equivalent of "lmao" more or less.

You'll have to listen to the podcast to get all the definitions and be as up to speed and "hip" as Jess and I now are, but here is a video that supposedly sums up what's currently cool (Hint: it's not facebook)... this is what you would call....a VSCO girl

By the way... you're supposed to pronounce it "vis-koh" and not say each letter like I did... because that's not cool. Don't be like me. Be cool.

g2g study how to be cool in 2019 (is g2g still a thing? if you're a true millennial you know - if not... google it LIKE I HAVE TO GOOGLE EVERYTHING NOWADAYS).

Georgie out.


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