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Episode 6: To Keep or Not to Keep?

Hi everyone, Jess here! Okay so this episode was so much fun to record! We had another special guest on our show this week, Lily, who is NOT mediocre, no matter how much she wants to fight it! We tried Spring Cleaning this week… even though it’s the end of summer but that’s a minor detail so don’t worry about it! Georgie was much more productive than I was, because she actually cleaned out and organized THREE CLOSETS! I, on the other hand, just cleaned the bathroom. BUT in my defense, I cleaned my shower curtain and shower liner- which I feel is a big deal! Especially after learning that Georgie doesn’t!

We also discussed home organization, and different tips and tricks to that. If you don’t have one yet, get yourself a label maker! There is something so satisfying about labeling everything! If you are looking for some more tips, Good House Keeping has a great list of tips and tricks to get organized:

BUT GUYS! ENOUGH ABOUT THAT NONSENSE! NOW TIME TO DISCUSS THE IMPORTANT STUFF! And no, I’m not talking about Georgie and Lily going to the Jonas Bros. Concert! I mean…. Here’s a picture of that just to get it out of the way:

But no! I need to tell you about this RV Convention! WHAT?!?! Why are there so many RVs out there?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there are! If there weren’t, I couldn’t have gone! But I just never knew this world existed! Here is a picture of the interior of one of those $500,000+ RVs I was talking about: (*Thank you google for the photo)

Look at it! That is a house! Except for that trash can in the photo. I don’t know why that feels so out of place to me… I think if you had that much money you wouldn’t make trash… doesn’t it just turn into gold coins or something automatically? I don’t know. Anyway, I highly recommend checking out random RVs the next time an RV Convention comes into town!


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