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Episode 5: Beware of the Tea Kettle!

Georgie here. Okay.... so.... here's the thing... this week we tried to learn a new language and let's just say it was... hard. Big surprise! Irish is not for us... though I do love a good scone. I'd say we learned maybe 4 words and that's about it. Safe to say that learning a new language takes way more than a week.

This week we also talked about about vacationing! Speaking of peaceful, relaxing, quiet vacations... can we talk about HAUNTED ROAD TRIPS?! Because WHAT. A. DREAM. VACATION. Jessica and I really want to do one. Leave a comment if you think we should try it for the podcast (we really just want an excuse to go ... so leave the comment, okay?) Here's the one we want to do! Have any of you ever done one? Let us know!

I think my favorite thing to do on a vacation is anything spooky... and eating... because duh. What are yours?!

Not much more to say for this episode... though now I'm thinking I should book a vacation...

Georgie out!


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