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Episode 4: Podcasting from the Back of a Subaru CrossTrek

Welcome back everybody - Jessica here.

Thanks for tuning into Episode 4! Guys, this episode was quite the experience! We drove from Florida to Colorado, intending to podcast from different places along the route, and in true mediocre fashion, we waited until we were an hour from our destination to even begin! That being said, had we not done that, we probably wouldn’t have learned how truly mediocre Georgie was at US Geography! And I don’t know about you… but I am very glad I now have that tidbit of information! As promised here are both of our graded maps, and a blank map if you would like to take the test yourself with your friends! It’s not as easy as it looks – though our friend, and co-host for the week, Patty might disagree with that last statement!

Speaking of which! Patty is a great adult and was a wonderful co-host this week! She also has an awesome travel instagram @thechalkncheese! Keep up with her travels and drool at the delicious food photos that we will likely never get to experience. Click on our adorable photos to take you straight there!

As we said in the episode, she has been our friend forever, and here is the proof! I don’t know why I was not invited to Georgie and Patty’s awesome tea party, but it’s fine – their cuteness surmounts my bitterness. And to add to my confusion… why the heck are Patty and I playing ring-around-the-rosie in front of the Eifel Tower? Oh well, great mysteries of life.

Follow Patty's travels: @thechalkncheese


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