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Episode 3: What Personality Type Lets You Burrito?

Hello mediocre friends! Georgie here.

So, listen... I know we said we were going to try things, but like... we're mediocre, okay? So we may or may not have said that we would attempt brushing our teeth every night before bed, and the we may or may not have actually followed through. What's that you say? "Georgie... you should just do that... that shouldn't be part of your podcast." Okay... well... I have no argument. To be fair, I did do it most nights! Jessica's making me look bad. Do you think she'll read this? We'll see. Here is proof of me brushing my teeth in the PM (let's ignore the fact that there's really no way to prove it was actually night time).

Anyway, less about our failures and more about our... triumphs? Has anyone heard that Jessica is turning 30 soon? Because she sure is! Listen to Episode 2 to hear her morbid thoughts on the matter.

On to the main course! If you listen to the podcast, you'll know that this episode we explored our personality types and what hobbies suit our respective personality types. Again, everything found on the internet, so still very legitimate. Yupp. Mhm. Have you taken your "16 Personalities" quiz? We have! I am an ISFJ-T and Jess is an INFJ-T. If you're curious to know what you are click the photo below to take the quiz! It's totally free and they don't make you sign up for any weird, annoying e-mails.

Once you've done that, make sure that you check out this site (linked in the photo displaying various hobbies below - so cute) that will match you up with suggested hobbies. It's basically Bumble for hobbies. You're welcome.

And... FINALLY... for the pièces de résistance ... the UNUSUAL hobbies list. What do these creepy finger trees that make me exceptionally uncomfortable have to do with hobbies? Looks like you'll have to listen to Episode 3 to find out.

Until next time, folks! Good luck adulting out there this week! See ya on the flip side!


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