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Episode 27: quarantips with Melissa

This week Melissa joined the virtual party to give us some advice on how to stay financially responsible during the quarantine, because let’s face it- she is NOT mediocre. Maybe one day we will be as responsible as Melissa! One can only hope!

Melissa told us all about how she has been saving money by cooking at home- something we all are doing during this crazy time. BUT what’s cool is when you actually look at the numbers. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is to eat at home. This is something I think we all knew, but the numbers are still impressive. If you would like to try it out for yourself and track your meals, here is the spreadsheet Melissa created!

We also talked about budgeting and making sure we have a VERY good understanding of our finances during this time. Especially if you are not working right now- make sure you know how long you can last on your current savings and when you need to start thinking of a backup plan! This can be very difficult to do- especially emotionally. It’s hard to have that conversation with yourself! BUT WE GOT THIS!!!

If you enjoyed this episode, and want to get to know Melissa more, her Instagram is: @mel06sn Check it out!



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