• Georgie & Jessica

Episode 26: there's no place like home... home... home... home

Hi Everybody! So we are still in the midst of the Pandemic and Self-Isolation, so this episode we decided to just talk about all the ways we’ve been spending our time- because let’s be honest- what is time anymore? Every day seems to bleed into the next and we’re stuck in this weird Groundhog Day time loop.

So, some things we’ve done to spend the time include: Georgie is learning to play the ukulele. She is doing fantastic! But seems to have become a bit obsessed. Here is the actual moment in our recording session when she unveiled her THIRD UKULELE!

I finally tackled cleaning our office. Before I get too much judgement, this room became a catch-all in our house and turned into random storage. We would just close the door and ignore the problem! But now it’s a cleaned, organized and useful room! Check out the before and after pictures- I’m very proud.

Also cooking – Georgie made some amazing looking cinnamon rolls, from scratch! She also made jam from scratch!! It’s a very easy recipe, give it a try!!!

So, however you want to spend your time, just make sure not to stay connected with people and not seclude yourself! And luckily we live in a time where that is easier than ever! One of our favorite apps to use is Houseparty! It’s a free app that lets you play games with friends over your phone! However you connect- remember you are not alone! We can all get through this together!


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