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Episode 25: coronacation... like staycation except we actually have to stay home

This episode was supposed to be about moving, since Georgie just moved, but this little thing called a Global Pandemic happened and we decided that was something we just couldn’t ignore. So here we are. Luckily we were able to record this episode before things got really crazy and all the lock downs happened. Next I guess we will try recording from two remote locations since it doesn’t look like we will be able to see each other again soon.

But that’s okay! It’s a small price to pay for staying safe and doing our part to keep the world safe. If this was going to happen- I’m just glad it wasn’t 10 years ago. At least right now, with the internet, we have so much at our disposal to keep us entertained!

If you are looking for ideas to keep yourself busy during your self-isolation:

- Video Games: A bunch of companies are selling their games at super discounts right now! Try some out!

- Play an instrument: Georgie ordered a Ukulele and is going to learn how to play!

- Do some crafts: goodness knows there are enough projects on the shelf waiting to be completed!

Also- just to get on the soup box again really fast- DO NOT BLAME MELENNIALS PEOPLE NOT STAYING HOME. Those are Gen Zers out there on the beaches and having parties. Us millennials are in our 30s trying to figure out how to work from home. I haven’t partied in I don’t know how long! Leave us alone!

So for now, everyone, I beg you, STAY HOME! It’s really not that bad! Find something to occupy your time- there is plenty to choose from- BUT STOP GOING OUT! Only go out if you absolutely have to! Don’t be going out because you’re bored, or want to see another human. Even if it’s to the grocery store- only go out if you HAVE to!

Okay… now I’m off my soap box. Stay safe everyone!


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