• Georgie & Jessica

Episode 24: blast from the past - 90s SLEEPOVER!

SLEEPOVER!!!!! We had so much fun! This episode was a bit unconventional. We wanted you guys to experience this sleepover with us, so we did multiple check-ins throughout the night. I’m very proud of how late we stayed up, because I thought we would fall asleep a lot earlier than we did.

It was also fun doing all the different crafts! Perler beads, shrinky dinks, friendship bracelets. We never got to the bead pets, cause we ran out of time- who knew crafts take so long! Here are photos of the different crafts we made in case any of you feel inspired to try it yourself!

There are so many videos on YouTube showing shrink projects! If you are interested in making some for yourself, or just want to check out how cool they are, just search for “Shrink Art”. So cool and fun!


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