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Episode 2: Snack Prepping is a Thing, Right?

EPISODE 2!!!!! Jessica here. If you came back after meeting us in the first episode, you are quite a brave group of people! Hopefully you enjoyed our second episode – also known as our first REAL episode. This week, Georgie and I have our first ever Amateur Admissions, and I have to say, it is not easy talking about all the ways that we are mediocre! If you heard the episode, you heard about the time that I bleached my entire apartment, and while it was not my best hour, it was a learning experience and I now have flashbacks every time I have to clean anything.

For those of you interested in washing your fruit in the apple cider vinegar bath I talked about on the episode, here are the instructions based on the internet and personal testing:

Rinse your berries

Fill a bowl with water (with the ratio of 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar for every cup of water)

You need enough water to cover the berries

Add berries to your bowl of water, and let sit for 5 minutes

Drain and dry berries


Okay, moment of truth … dieting! And by dieting, we really mean eating healthy- because eating healthy is something we know we have definitely struggled with forever! WHY DO THE BEST TASTING FOODS HAVE TO BE SO BAD FOR YOU!?! And guys, that is more hypothetical than anything else, because obviously I know WHY they are unhealthy, but it doesn’t make it any less annoying that it feels like everything is working against us when we try to eat healthy and lose weight. And then that not-so-fun fact about our bodies keeping the fat cells when we do lose weight! Come on now! Will the madness never end!

Anyway, I have faith that we can get through this adulting thing together! So if you have any tips & tricks, let us know- we’re willing to try anything that might help us adult better! Until next time…


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