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Episode 17: 4...3...2...1...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

This week we tried thrifting! This was so much fun! This was something that Georgie has done often, but I had never done before and I have to say… I am a huge fan! It’s a great way to find interesting things, try new styles… or just get clothes at a decent price. And shopping and donating to places like Goodwill keeps things out of landfills! PLUS I found this amazing statue which is very happy in my house.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us emails! We were very Mediocre and had not seen them, but we had such a great time this episode reading your thoughts, feedback, and ideas. Please keep it up and we promise to look at them more regularly (now that we got our access back).

Also very exciting- we had a T.Hanks-giving Party for Thanksgiving, but because we are medicore, we planned it last minute so many people could not attend. So our group was small, but mighty. We all dressed up as a Tom Hanks character, and we made food inspired by Tom Hanks movies. But because we did not want to make a huge thanksgiving type meal (since it was so close to the holiday and we did not want to do it twice), we made a “make your own pizza” station with toppings inspired by his movies – grilled shrimp (Forrest Gump), Ground Beef (Turner and Hooch), Mac n Cheese (Big), etc.

Here we are:

From Left to Right- Justin = The Burbs; James = Forrest Gump; Georgie = Big; Jess (Me) = Catch Me If You Can; and Marcella = Apollo 13.

As for Christmas, it always nice to hear people’s traditions and how people celebrate! Hearing Georgie talk about how they count down to midnight at her house sounded so fun! I’m sure you all have some fun holiday traditions! Tell us about them!


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