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Episode 16: age is just a number, and my number must be 112

Hey! Jess here! I know I was very excited that I had started working out this week… since then I have stopped being so consistent about it. Oops. Oh well, I’ll just try again! Eventually it’ll stick, right? I just don’t know how people get so into working out! I know we’re supposed to. It’s just… not fun for me? I’ll find something I find fun someday!

This week we tried no complaining- and honestly, I LOVED it. It was hard, but it was amazing how it can change your mood when you change your perspective. Instead of complaining, just find a reason to be grateful! Writing it down and putting it somewhere you see it often is also very helpful to keep it front of mind!

Moving on, getting old = not fun. It’s so strange how it feels like it came out of nowhere too. Like, one second I was young, and fit, and feeling great. And the next moment I can’t sit on the floor for a long period of time without suddenly complaining that my back hurt. It’s such a pain. Pun intended.

If you want to check out that list we read through- here it is!

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