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Episode 15: deserted island? i thought it was dessert island!

First off, we clearly failed at the thing we were going to try- recording from a cruise ship. Thanks Georgie for forgetting to pack all the equipment!

As for life updates, I’ve started my masters! Going back to school has been a very weird experience since it has been years since I had to do things like homework! AND this is the first time I’ve done online school, which also takes getting used to. I’m enjoying the content though! Just gotta figure out how to manage my time, since now I actually have to do stuff when I get home from work! So weird.

On to the topic of the week! Would we survive if stranded on an island?

First off - Take the quiz yourself! Would you survive???

We had a lot of fun with this episode! And I have heard from A LOT of people about…. Pretty much them telling me how we would not survive if we got stranded on a deserted island. Which is just plain rude… but also…. Probably not wrong haha.

My husband was very upset that my item of choice to bring with me if stranded was a ball of twine. Apparently that is not the best thing to bring. I stand behind it though! I think it would be helpful.

Though, as we said in the episode, gaff tape would probably be even better!

Thanks to Oscar for sending us this graph through our Instagram!

Last note- getting free grocery delivery as a gift sounds like the BEST THING EVER!!!!!


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