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Episode 13: help me, I'm poor!

This week’s episode was SO HELPFUL! Thank you Melissa for bringing us one step closer to not being so poor! And for teaching Georgie how to set up her 401k.

As mentioned in the episode, I had some issues with someone stealing my credit card information, which led me to learning this little trick that can help all of you! Call your bank’s customer service, and ask them to turn off the feature that automatically gives you your balance information when you enter your card info. There is a more secure option that lets you talk directly to a person and requires you to give them a unique pin or word before they disclose any info! This feature can keep your information safe and save a lot of headache in the future, so I highly recommend it!

Melissa had a lot of money saving advice this episode, and gave us quite a difficult thing to try for the coming week! She put us on an all-cash diet. This all cash diet was quite hard! But what I loved about it was that every time I went to spend money, seeing the cash in my wallet made me think twice before spending it. I think I need to do this more often to keep me on budget.

I also loved the idea of transferring money into your savings account every time you don’t indulge in that coffee, or lunch out! Such a great idea to save money- just pay yourself instead!!!

Those are really all my thoughts on this week’s episode. Oh! One more thing…. GEORGIE IS TAPING HER SHOES TOGETHER! Even though she gave me so much grief about my shoes! I needed to call her out because it was just such great Karma! Here is a photo of her broken shoes! HAHAHAHA


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