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Episode 12: allergies, menus, and sporks, oh my!

Hi Everybody! Jess here! I loved this episode so much!!  And I’m not talking about how we didn’t wear makeup for a week. That wasn’t anything exciting to talk about, because let’s face it, that how Georgie and I live our daily lives. That being said – if you like makeup, live your life. That is the point of this week’s topic - Body Positivity! But I would recommend trying it if you are a makeup wearer, just to see what you discover about yourself (same with the previous try of wearing it if you normally don’t) Walk in someone else’s shoes for a week- I feel like that is something more of us should be willing to do.

So Body Positivity! More people need to talk about this. Why are we a society that feels the need to judge or speak negatively about other people just because of how they look!?!?! Just be happy in your own life, and let others do the same! Come on, people! It’s actually not that hard. AND, I have found that if your reframe your thinking to being happy for your fellow human, it will make you feel happier too! Life is way too complicated and stressful to be getting upset at someone else’s happiness or confidence!

If you listened to this week’s episode, (and if you haven’t, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE- GO LISTEN!) you’ll know that feeling confident in my skin is something I am currently struggling with. Georgie challenged me with figuring out why I feel this way, and to love myself. The thing is…. I DO love myself. I love who I am and the person I’ve become. I think my struggle is there seems to be a disconnect between what I see in the mirror and what I look like in my head…. I can’t be the only person who feels this- it’s kinda like when you hear your voice on an answering machine (or a podcast) and realize, “wait, do I really sound like that? That can’t be what my voice sounds like”. So that’s what I’m working on- realizing that this is indeed what my 30 year old body looks like, and that’s okay- and if I WANT to change it, that is also my prerogative to make happen! So please, everyone, love yourself and love your neighbor! Love is love is love is love.

On a lighter note…. LOOK AT GEORGIE’S AMAZING HAIR JOURNEY!!! YES!!! It’s amazing the difference time can make – so the other message of the week along with love yourself, is take time out for self-care! You need it!


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