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Episode 11: why can't Starbucks get my name right?

This episode was SO MUCH FUN TO RECORD!

Before getting into the conspiracies, let’s talk about Hurricanes really fast! While Hurricane parties are THE BEST, that does not mean you should not prepare!!! The great thing about hurricanes is that we get enough notice to prepare for them, unlike so many other natural disasters! So, when you hear that a hurricane is coming, don’t shame someone else for being responsible enough to prep! Look at their example, and prepare for it! Worst case scenario, nothing happens and you have delicious cookies to eat. Okay, rant over.

Now for the fun! I AM OBSESSED WITH CONSPIRACY THEORIES! To the point that people must think I’m crazy! I actually have a Flat Earth Globe on my bookshelf that my husband 3D printed for me! I can’t explain my love for them… it just feels like it makes so much sense that there is more to life than meets the eye!

I’m not going to go into the details of the conspiracies we talked about this episode… because the point is to listen to the actual episode! BUT, I wanted to just put some info/photos that support the theories talked about in the episode, and then you can decide for yourself if it’s true… {insert dramatic music here}

WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MATTRESS STORES!??! How often do people buy mattresses? I just don’t understand this!?!? I mean… I’m not a business person, so MAYBE mattresses are a very lucrative business?

Starbucks- I just thought this picture was funny. We’ve had a listener disprove this theory and say that Starbucks training does not encourage the misspelling... BUT …. I don’t think I buy it!

The last theory we talk about is the Mandela effect. And I think in our next episode I will look for more examples because it is so fun to think about! And I can’t wait!!!

If any of you out there have examples of Mandela effects, or want to hear us discuss one of your favorite theories, email us and let us know! I definitely want to hear about it!


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