• Georgie & Jessica

Episode 10: what should I be when I grow up?

Hello y’all! It’s Jessica again! First off- here is a picture of Georgie’s horse riding adventure.

And here is a link to the next Studio Ghibli Fest movie- - obviously this will be out of date soon… but hey, it’s called google! I’m not here to spoon feed you!

We tried no social media for a whole week! What an eye-opening experience! I don’t even consider myself addicted to social media! But what I learned this week was that even though I may not post often, I am TOTALLY addicted! And I think it has to do with needing to feel entertained 24/7, and social media has filled that gap for us in today’s day.

I hope you all really enjoyed hearing all the jobs we’ve had growing up! I feel like we pretty much read you guys our resume’s haha but hopefully you got to know us better!! And if you want to see what job you should have based on your MDTI (personality type) - check out this article:

Share with us any funny or interesting jobs you’ve had in the past!!!! We’d love to hear from you!


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